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Memorandum concerning the seigniory of Terra Firma of Mingan

with special reference to a report by Mr. Deputy Surveyor Bouchette upon the said seigniory, by S.E. Dawson, February, 1883.
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s.n. , [Montréal?
Seigniorial tenure -- Quebec (Province)., Land tenure -- Quebec (Province)., Land grants -- Quebec (Provi
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ContributionsBouchette, Joseph Francis 1800-1881.
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Memorandum concerning the seigniory of Terra Firma of Mingan: with special reference to a report by Mr. Deputy Surveyor Bouchette upon the said seigniory, by S.E.

Dawson, February, [Samuel Memorandum concerning the seigniory of Terra Firma of Mingan book Dawson; Joseph Bouchette]. MINGAN October 7, The Government of Canada purchases from Les associés Mingan Ltéecorporation two corri-dors located on each side of Mingan and Manitou rivers, and ranging from the high water level of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to the back boundary line of the seigniory of Terra Firma, in Mingan.

Memorandum concerning the seigniory of Terra Firma of Mingan [electronic resource]: with special reference to a report by Mr. Deputy Surveyor Bouchette upon the said seigniory. The horse Fitzpartner would be used as a carriage horse (Betts, Farm Book, p.

99 description begins Thomas Jefferson’s Farm Book, ed. Edwin M. Betts, Princeton, N.J., description ends). James Lyon, son of Matthew Lyon and called by TJ a “young man of bold republicanism in the worst of times,” may have been at Monticello.

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Locality. Remarks. Ottawa The Hudson Bay Company hare no title or lea3e from the Crown known to this office of the laDd occupied by these trading posts or establish- ments of the Company, Claimed to be situate within the boundaries of the Seigniory of Terra Firma of Mingan, said to be leased by the Seigniors to the Hudson Bay Company.

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Memorandum of Understanding between the City and LA24 setting forth the general terms and parameters of the City’s role in bidding for the Games; and WHEREAS, the Parties now wish to enter into this MOU for the purposes set forth in Section 2 below. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual benefits to be derived by the Parties.

o Historically, every parcel of land has been regarded as unique, and therefore specific performance is almost always available in real estate contracts.

Other unique items, for which a court will order specific performance, include such things as rare works of art, secret formulas, and patents.

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